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Hello. You have entered the Forbidden Zone aka my page. Thank you for choosing 'asgardianwhosaysmedic' on Tumblr, please enjoy these refreshments and -- okay enough of that.

My name is Anthony. 21 years old, double majoring in Theatre and Public History at NDSU, Pythonist, Anglophile, Whovian, Avenger, Sherlockian,Fannibal, Supernaturalist, Humanist, writer of fanfiction, work for RED at Teufort, and I'm a professional tauntaun rider.

Definitely in many fandoms, I scream and cry over men (and some women) that I want in my bed. And that handsome devil up top is my second husband (RDJ is my first). They call him Medic.

I accept Stephen Fry as the Lord God My Saviour. He sent his son Benedict Cumberbatch to rid humanity of sin, he fell off a building so that we may live. Benedict was conceived by the Virgin Julie Andrews. He suffered under Steven Moffat, was killed and buried, and the fandom was in Hell. In series 3, he rose again. May Stephen Fry bless you and keep you, may Fry look upon you with favor and give you peace, Amen.

Here you will find many things, some good and some bad. If you need to know anything (such as what are my favorite films, who do I listen to in the music world, when my next diabolical attack will commence what?), do feel free to do so!

I do hope you enjoy your stay here and Toksta ake! (Dakota for See you later!)

PS ... If you have found Narnia, please let me know! I've been trying to find it but apparently it doesn't want to show itself.

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Pshh I'm bored. This seems like a good bit of fun

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